Musica est raptus numerare se nescientis animae.

(Music is the rapture of the unknowing soul numbering itself.)

F. W. J. von Schelling, quoting Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

Welcome to All The Right Notes. This blog is dedicated to anyone who is enthusiastic about the miracle of human experience that is classical music. While nothing can replace the frisson of a live performance (which are few and far between in this pandemic), the next best thing is to experience it through recordings. With this personal blog, I hope to share with you my thoughts on some recordings and musicians that are dear to my heart, and hopefully inspire you to embark on new musical discoveries.

In this blog, you will find the following types of articles:

  • Reviews of individual recordings and albums;
  • Comparative reviews of different recordings of a particular work;
  • Under the Spotlight where I focus on the recorded legacy of an artist or group of artists;
  • Discoveries of unjustly neglected masterpieces;
  • Editorials where I comment on various music-related topics;
  • …and more to follow.

I hope you will find All The Right Notes stimulating, enriching, and interesting.