A note from the author

A heartfelt welcome to my blog, All The Right Notes!

I love classical music. I love listening to it, playing it, thinking about it, talking about it, and writing about it. Ever since I bought my first CD when I was 10 years old (Schubert’s Impromptus, played by Jenő Jandó), my love for music has grown exponentially. I devoured as much musical knowledge as I could in my teens, not only in terms of music history, theory and performance, but also appreciating and describing music and knowing what to listen for in a performance or a recording. Until today, my appetite for musical discovery has not diminished.

My wish to share my passion for music first came to fruition in the form of my first blog, Top Ear. In the intervening years, however, I believe I have matured in writing style and aesthetic discernment. And of course, I have been able to listen to many more recordings and live performances, all of which have greatly broadened my musical horizons and deepened my knowledge of the repertoire. All these have provided the impetus for starting this new blog, All The Right Notes.

I have taken this opportunity to reconsider my approach to writing. You will find some brand new features, for example the inclusion of Spotify albums or sound samples alongside the review for immediate listening, and a tiered rating system (Methodology). There will also be more comparative reviews and artist retrospectives (Under the Spotlight), though I will continue writing about notable or new individual recordings (Reviews). You can look up the albums reviewed on this blog in the review catalog. Please also feel free to visit the About section for more details about my blog and the types of reviews included within, or take a look at Resources for some books and websites that have inspired me musically.

I hope you will enjoy my writing and that you will visit often. Please don’t hesitate to leave your comments or thoughts — I’d love to hear from you. Meanwhile I ask for your patience as I improve the user experience of the site and enrich it with more content. This blog is purely a labour of love, and so your continued support would be a tremendous source of encouragement to me. Thank you, and enjoy the music!


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